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Automation Expo 2024: Road Shows

Unveiling the Road Shows  in Chennai, Delhi , Ahmedabad

The Automation Expo roadshows in Chennai, Delhi, and Ahmedabad are pivotal events in the industry's calendar, drawing attention from across the nation. Spanning across industrial cities, these roadshows showcase the latest technological advancements and solutions shaping industries worldwide. With each roadshow, the Automation Expo 2024 sparks inspiration, ignites ideas, and propels the industry toward a future powered by automation.

Join us at the first Automation Expo 2024 Road Show in Chennai on 3rd  May 2024

In Chennai, a hub of technological innovation, the roadshow offers a platform for companies to showcase cutting-edge automation solutions tailored to the region's industrial needs.

Plan of the Chennai Road Show for exhibitors of Automation Expo 2024, Mumbai

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Image of the kiosk-

Layout of the Chennai Road Show

These roadshows not only facilitate networking opportunities but also foster collaboration and knowledge exchange, driving the automation industry forward in its quest for innovation and excellence.

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