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Automation Expo 2024: Road Shows

Unveiling the Road Shows  in Delhi & Bharuch

The Automation Expo roadshows in Chennai, Delhi, and Bharuch are pivotal events in the industry's calendar, drawing attention from across the nation. Spanning across industrial cities, these roadshows showcase the latest technological advancements and solutions shaping industries worldwide. With each roadshow, the Automation Expo 2024 sparks inspiration, ignites ideas, and propels the industry toward a future powered by automation.

Chennai Roadshow 2024

The 1st Chennai Automation Road Show on May 3, 2024 emerged as a beacon of innovation, attracting 1,145 attendees passionate about automation. Industry luminaries like Dr. B.R. Mehta, Dr. Thampy Mathew, Dr. V.P. Raman, Mr. V.B. Srikar, Mr. Milan Desai, Mr. Mohit Kumawat, Mr. Sai Ramesh, Mr. Sudarsan Surendran, and Mr. Sunil Mehta shared insights, igniting minds with automation's possibilities.

The event previewed the upcoming Automation Expo 2024 in Mumbai and announced Automation ExpoSouth 2025 in Chennai, bringing the automation revolution to South India. Diverse industries from Oil & Gas to Food & Beverage converged to explore transformative automation solutions.

The exhibition floor buzzed with leading exhibitors showcasing cutting-edge offerings. Networking and live demos enabled attendees to forge connections and experience innovation first-hand.

The roadshow's resounding success underscores automation's growing importance in shaping industries. As we anticipate Automation Expo 2024 and Automation ExpoSouth 2025, the automation community is poised to push boundaries and drive a more efficient, sustainable future.

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