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Code Of Conduct

At Automation Expo 2024, we are dedicated to fostering a safe, constructive, and inclusive environment for all participants, including attendees, exhibitors, speakers, staff, and partners. We expect all individuals to contribute to a positive experience for everyone involved. Unacceptable behavior will not be tolerated during any part of the Expo. This Code of Conduct applies to all aspects of the event, including exhibits, sessions, workshops, and networking opportunities.


All individuals attending Automation Expo 2024 must register in advance. Attendee registration is complimentary, while exhibitors are required to register their booth staff.

Discrimination and Harassment:

Automation Expo 2024 has a zero-tolerance policy for discrimination or harassment of any kind, including but not limited to gender, sexual orientation, disability, race, ethnicity, religion, or nationality. If you experience or witness any form of harassment or discrimination, please report it promptly to

Interference with Competitors:

Participants must refrain from interfering with the activities of exhibitors, including but not limited to disrupting exhibit booths, product demonstrations, or educational sessions. Any behavior that disrupts the activities of others is strictly prohibited.

Promotional Activities:

Solicitation or promotion of products and services to attendees or exhibitors by non-participants is strictly prohibited.

Other Unacceptable Behavior:

In addition to the above, unacceptable behavior includes, but is not limited to:

  • Verbal or physical abuse directed at any participant or event staff.

  • Making derogatory or offensive remarks based on personal characteristics.

  • Deliberate intimidation or stalking of any individual.

  • Disruption of scheduled activities or events.

  • Unauthorized photography or recording of presentations or exhibits.

  • Posting of promotional materials or solicitations without authorization.

  • Sharing of event credentials with unauthorized individuals.

Right to Take Action:

IED Communications LTD. reserves the right to take appropriate action in response to any incidents of unacceptable behavior, including removal from the event without warning or refund. Repeat offenses may result in restrictions on future attendance at Expo events or termination of membership.


Participants are expected to respect the confidentiality of exhibitors' products and information shared during the event. Unauthorized use or disclosure of confidential information is strictly prohibited.

Personal Responsibility:

By attending Automation Expo 2024, participants agree to adhere to all health and safety guidelines, including any state or local regulations. Participants should take necessary precautions if they feel unwell.

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