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An image representing robotics, featuring robotic arms, machines, and automation equipment in action, symbolizing the innovation and versatility of robotics technology across a wide range of applications in modern industries.

Robotics Zone

The Robotic Zone at Automation Expo 2024 promises to be a dynamic showcase of cutting-edge robotics technologies. This dedicated space will unveil a spectrum of robotic innovations, from industrial robots to collaborative robots (cobots), and from automation solutions to artificial intelligence-driven robotics. Attendees can expect to witness live demonstrations, interact with experts, and explore how robotics is reshaping industries. The Robotic Zone is a must-visit for professionals and enthusiasts seeking insights into the latest advancements and applications of robotics in automation, manufacturing, and beyond.


Exhibitors in the Robotic Zone at Automation Expo 2024 should encompass a diverse range of companies and organizations involved in the development and application of robotic technologies

Industrial Robot Manufacturers

Companies that produce industrial robots for tasks such as welding, material handling, and assembly.

Robotic Automation Solutions Providers

Organizations offering turnkey robotic automation solutions for specific industries and applications.

Collaborative Robot (Cobot) Manufacturers

Manufacturers of cobots designed to work alongside humans in various industries.

Robotics Software Developers

Firms that create software for programming, controlling, and optimizing robotic systems.

Gripper and End-Effector Manufacturers

Businesses that produce robotic grippers, end-effectors, and tooling for specific applications.

Vision and Sensing Technology Providers

Companies that offer sensors, vision systems, and technologies for enhancing robotic perception and precision.

Maintenance and Support Services

Providers of maintenance, repair, and training services for robotic systems.

Robotic Integration and System Integration Firms

Experts in integrating robotic solutions into existing industrial processes and systems.

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning


Companies specializing in AI and machine learning for robotics to enable autonomous decision-making and learning capabilities.

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