Rules & Regulations

We take this opportunity to highlight some of the important Rules and Regulations regarding operations and stand fittings of stall displays, which we request you to make a note of and inform the members of your team & your stand contractor accordingly. 

As per the rules of Nesco, Hall No. 5 has been renamed as Hall No. 2, the location is the same. 


We would like to ensure, that the show management runs smoothly and efficiently and hence, it is important that these rules are strictly followed and adhered to. 




1. Set-up time 


Exhibitors (or their contractors) of bare space can take possession of their stand (for stand fabrication) located in Hall No. 1 on 22nd September 2019. All display and setting up of exhibits must be totally completed by 5: 00 pm on 24th September 2019. Please note you will not be permitted to carry out any further on-site work after this time. Contractors/exhibitors are required to work within this move-in and work completion deadline periods. If contractors/exhibitors wish to work beyond these hours they should contact the onsite organiser office before 03:00 pm on 24th September 2019. The penalty charges are INR (`) 10,000 /hour/stand (5:00 pm – 12:00 midnight only on 24th September 2019). 


Contractors are requested to strictly follow the deadline given by the organisers for the smooth functioning of the show. No security will be provided before the show days of the exhibition. Please refer to the table given below.  ​


Screenshot 2019-02-26 at 5.28.32 PM.png
2. Entry in Bombay Convention & Exhibition Centre with your exhibits is allowed only from gate no. 1.


Please ensure that your transporter is carrying a letter of authority on your / your client’s letterhead clearly mentioning the hall & stand number before unloading the goods inside the hall. Due to entrances/space constraints, our security and staff are authorised to allow your vehicles, subject to availability of movement space inside the halls. Kindly co-operate with them at all the times during the set-up and dismantling periods.



Please ensure that all your exhibits leave the exhibition premises as per the below-mentioned schedule. 

Screenshot 2019-02-26 at 5.31.02 PM.png
4. Badges & Certificates 


Please get in touch with the organisers' office located in the Hall 1 & 2 to obtain a “Clearance Certificate OR EXIT PASS”. Also please collect your Exhibitor, Contractors set-up/tear-down, Service badges from the exhibitor registration area. The contractor badges are valid only for the set-up and tear down days, during the event days Service badges will be valid for maintenance of the stalls. Please note, entry into the exhibition hall will not be permitted if any of the above badges is not produced during the set-up, exhibition days and tear-down period. 


5. Hall Manager 


After getting the clearance certificate, proceed to the exhibition hall where your stall is located and hand over the certificate to “The Hall Manager” – who in turn will hand over possession of your stall to you. Kindly co-operate with him/her, as stall possession will not be given without the Possession Letter & stall approval. 


6. Agents / Contractors 


Do ensure that your colleagues/agents/contractors carry a letter of authority from you at all the times, to act on your behalf regarding stall construction regulations. We request you to please nominate at least one senior executive of your company to liaise with the hall manager for any on-site requirements. 


7. Design & Construction of Stalls 


  • Each contractor or exhibitor (on behalf of contractor) for construction of bare space would be liable to pay a security deposit via DD/ cash/ cheque. Without payment of security deposit, the possession of the stall would not be provided. The details of the security deposit amount are as below: 

  • Rs. 20000/- for stalls up to 24 sq meters 

  • Rs. 30000/- for stalls up to 36 sq meters 

  • Rs. 40000/- for stalls up to 50 sq meters 

  • Rs. 50000/- for stalls up to 75 sq meters 

  • Rs. 60000/- for stalls above 75 sq meters 

  • Loose wiring or hanging wires should not be found in any of the stands to ensure the safety of stall personnel and visitors. All wiring must be carried out in PVC, Electrometric or other plastic sheathed cables. No exposed means of cable joints are permitted. 

  • Sides, which are open to the aisles, should not be blocked by panels more than 30% of the length of such side. Any structure except the fascia, for example, publicity material, photographs, charts, should not have a height exceeding 2.5 meters. However, the height of Products on display can be more than 2.5 meters. 

  • Pillars must have one flexible opening for access in case of any power issues 

  • The main supply points and electrical installations in the stand should be easily accessible and should not be concealed/covered by the panels/partition or even by the exhibits. 

  • The Exhibitors must ensure all their materials are inside their stall area only. 

  • xii. Logos can be displayed up to a height of 5.0 meters in the stalls of the exhibitors, provided they are away from adjacent stalls by a minimum distance of 2 meters. 

  • xiii. Use of spray painting for stall decoration is not permitted within any hall. 

  • xiv. Organisers advise exhibitors to bring in the prefabricated stand to avoid delay in completion of stands as well as inconvenience to other exhibitors. 

  • xv. Use of all types of publicity materials such as posters, banners, hanging decorations made of any material is not allowed outside the stall area by the exhibitors. 

  • xvi. Suspending of display items form the hall ceiling or any other structure falling within the stands is also not permitted. 

  • xvii. Subject to prior approval of the stall layout, a Mezzanine floor with total height of the stall not more than 5 meters and area not exceeding 20% of the area booked can be constructed at extra charges of 10% of the total stall charges payable to IED Communications Ltd. (Provided the exhibition area booked is 100sq. meters and above. Such mezzanine floor should be constructed away from the adjacent stall by a minimum distance of 2 meters) 

  • xviii. The construction of Mezzanine floor shall be allowed only after the submission of a structural and fire safety certificate from a registered Structural Engineer and an indemnity bond discharging the organizers of any liability or responsibility in the unlikely event of any mishap caused due to poor design/workmanship of such structure. 

  • xix. The height of panels and common panels between stalls should not be more than 3 Meters and should have a smooth surface on both sides. However, the back wall of the stall against the natural wall of the hall or column can go up to the height of 5 meters. 

  • Pillars in the stalls may be covered with panelling up to a height of 5.0 meters without grouting on the wall, floor or causing damage of any nature to the structure of the exhibition hall. 

  • The electrical panels are fitted inside the pillars. There must be access to this electrical panel in case of an emergency. The pillar cannot be blocked completely. 

  • No fittings or display may be attached, nailed, screwed or drilled on to the flooring. 

  • A “Bare Space” stall cannot display name boards over an adjacent Exhibitor’s back and/or on side-wall but may display it on any location facing the aisle. 

  • No part of any structure or exhibit would be allowed to extend beyond the boundaries of the stall allocated. This includes symbols logos, lighting, floral decorations, furnishing etc. 

  • Aisles must be clear at all times 

  • No contractor or his labour would be allowed to work after 11 PM on each of the setup night and after 5 PM on the night before the show 

  • Workers must have night badge issued by the organizer for their permission to stay at site only within their stall area from 21.00 P.M to 09.00 A.M. next day Workers are allowed to carry out their work till 23.00 P.M. Any worker, Contractors, Exhibitors’ representative, material suppliers, willing to enter the exhibition halls must have an official badge issued by the Organizers. 

  • Any contractor/ exhibitor who fails to comply with the above rules for construction would be subject to penalty at the discretion of the organizer 


8. Power at the Stalls


  • There would be general lighting within the hall. A temporary electrical connection would be provided to carry the construction work only from 09.00 A.M to 23.00 P.M, which will be disconnected from 23.00 P.M till 09.00 A.M next morning. 

  • Electricity connection provided to their stall is less than 1 KW Watt - Single phase, however, for additional power requirement, they are required to pay the power charges by returning Form F3 to IED Communications Ltd by 1st July 2019 to avoid late charges 

  • No using the Sockets given for temporary supply during the Exhibition days 

  • The stall contractor has to pay Rs. 1000/- in cash as a deposit to take socket. The socket must be returned before 25th September 2019 

  • No wires to be left hanging after dismantling. Stall area must be clear after dismantling. 

  • Meter reading will be done on 26th September 2019 in the morning. 

  • If any stall is found to be consuming power more than the submitted requirement, then they would be liable to pay the amount for the additional power being consumed. 

  • All Bare space exhibitors/ their contractors are to inform and pay in advance for the power required at their booth during show days in advance (by 1st July 2019) to avoid late charges 


9. Car Parking 

There is no free car parking facilities available at the venue. You can purchase daily tickets, exhibitors who would like to buy tickets in bulk/ advance may contact us. In case we do have a good number of enquiries we can check the possibility of discounted price for car parking 


10. Clearance from the Accounts Department and Stand Possession 

Possession of the stall/bare space either to the exhibitor or to the stall interior decorator contractor, appointed by respective exhibitor would be given only after production of “no dues” certificate obtained from IED Communications Ltd accounts department on the prescribed form “Form F1” 


Goods which have been imported into India for Exhibition purposes under ATA Carnet or A Temporary Import Permit, and have not paid the Customs & Excise Duty on entry and if an exhibitor subsequently wishes to sell all or part of any consignment, he must engage the services of the Official Freight Forwarder, who has been authorized to both make an application to Customs for permission to do so against valid import license and to collect the duty and pay to the Customs Department, using prescribed methods and procedures, Otherwise, please ensure that your nominated freight forwarder is aware of the customs procedure and is capable of handling such documentation and duty payment on your behalf. Sold exhibits can be removed only after the conclusion of the exhibition. 



Exhibitors will have to organize storage of their packing cases, surplus materials or other properties. They can take help of their freight agents to remove large packing boxes. Surplus stores must not be placed behind the stalls. At the conclusion of the exhibition, contractors, exhibitors must remove from the site all materials from their respective stalls latest by 20.00 hrs on 28th September 2019 



During the build-up and breakdown of the exhibition, the aisles of the Hall must not be obstructed with packing and construction materials or debris. Contractors constructing” Bare Space stalls” or stall interiors are responsible for removing their own waste and off-cuts from the site and at the end of each day. 

Organizers will arrange for the general cleaning of the Exhibition Halls. This includes cleaning of the aisles and of waste disposal before opening the exhibition in the morning and after the closure of the exhibition in the evening. The organizers will not be able to provide cleaning service of individual stalls exhibits and displays. The exhibitor should maintain his own stall in a tidy condition at all times. 


14. Security 

We have engaged a reputable and efficient security force and will do our best to ensure the safety of your exhibits only on the show days i.e. 25th to 28th September 2019. Nevertheless, exhibitors need to ensure their own equipment during all stages of the event and be particularly careful not to leave their stalls unattended on the set-up day/night and on the conclusion of the event on a daily basis during show days and also during tear-down period. It is at these times that the risk of theft is maximum. The Organisers will not accept responsibility for theft, loss or damage to exhibits during any time of the setup period, show days & tear-down period. 


Exhibitors are advised to make adequate precaution for the safety of their stalls by employing proper security during the set-up and tear-down period. Please note that no security guards from agencies other than our official agency and your staff (with the prior written approval of the organisers) will be allowed in the night inside the hall after the opening of the exhibition. It is also advisable to keep mini fire extinguishers and a first aid box in your stall, in addition to the general protection equipment installed by the organisers. 


15. Smoking in the exhibition hall is strictly prohibited.

Any type of flammable material is not allowed to be carried inside the hall. Please also note that the use of LPG and other fuels are also not allowed to be used inside the hall as per local fire regulations. Organisers reserve the right to close such stalls if any exhibitor violates these rules with immediate effect. 


16. Please note that the organiser will not be responsible for any dealings with transport and labour engaged by the exhibitors. All issues pertaining to this will be the sole responsibility of the exhibitor. 
17. We have attached a participation certificate along with the copy of ITPO approval. This certificate will assist you for all your import/octroi formalities for the entry of your exhibit materials into Mumbai. 



Once the Organisers confirm acceptance of the application, Cancellation of participation at any stage or reduction of space by exhibitors will not be permitted and no refund will be paid to the exhibitors on this account. 



Under the conditions of force majeure, which also include strike, lockout, closure, riot, natural calamities, the organizers reserve the right to alter the opening dates and duration or even cancel the entire exhibition. In case of a change in dates and duration of the exhibition, the rules and regulations and the agreement between the exhibitors and the organizers will remain unaffected. 



After the closure of the exhibition, the stall area must be restored to its original condition. The exhibition will be required to make good all damages caused to the floor, building, or other exhibition structure, equipment by repairing the same or paying the cost specified by the organizers within 15 days from the date of closure of the exhibition. 



Every reasonable precaution will be taken by the organizers to ensure the security and safety of the exhibition halls and adjacent areas. However, the organizers will not accept liability and will not be under any liability to exhibitors or their employees or agents, in respect of any direct or indirect damage, loss, theft or damage to any exhibit, person or property arising out of or in any way connected with the exhibition. Exhibitors must ensure their exhibits against such loss or theft and damage, including a risk of fire. Organisers are not liable in any form for any loss or damage to exhibitors’ property on the exhibition site. Organizers are not liable in any form for any loss or damage to exhibitors’ property on the exhibition site or injury to their personnel and visitors. Exhibitors agree to refrain from making any claim on the Organizers and to indemnify Organizers against any claim by a third party arising out of exhibitors’ conduct. Exhibitors will be held responsible for damage or injury to property or persons caused by themselves, their employees, contractors, or agents. This includes the loss of rented furniture, equipment or instruments. Exhibitors are required to provide their own third party insurance in respect of their participation in the exhibition. It would be desirable for the exhibitors to take insurance policy covering their machinery/exhibit, transmit and loading and unloading of machines, their exhibition personnel and third parties /visitors. 

In addition to the above, we request you to please read through the Exhibitors Manual carefully and instruct your staff/contractors about the rules & regulations accordingly, before taking possession of your stand on the show floor. 


22. FOOD 

In August 2017, Nesco has introduced new rules with regard to the food and catering services. As they have their cafeteria since August 2017 no outside food is allowed in the venue. Water, cold drinks and snacks have to be purchased from Nesco and this is applicable to organisers, exhibitors and visitors. 


Important Note: 

1. Constructed stalls cannot use Metal halides with the same connections given for the constructed booth, this may cause the tripping of power during the exhibition days. 

2. Constructed stalls are not allowed to use aluminium wires for safety hazardous as new rules of fire and safety department. 

3. All cables must be properly installed because there will be checking from the fire and safety department due to fire incidents happening in Mumbai 

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