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Zoho Corporation Pvt. Ltd.

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D10 & D42

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Exhibitor Profile :

Factory Automation, Process Automation, AI (Artificial Intelligence), Turnkey Solutions, IIoT (Internet of Things), Hydraulic and Pneumatic Automation, Industry 4.0, Machine Vision, Valves and Valve Automation, Robotics, Industrial Automation

Company Profile:

Zoho IoT is a global provider of cloud IoT platform and ready-to-deploy solutions for connected business. Build, deploy, & manage vertical IoT applications like smart buildings, energy management, Industrial IoT etc.

We as Zoho, a leading SaaS company with over 75 million global users, extend our offerings through Zoho IoT, featuring:

* Zoho IoT Platform for system integrators (SI) and enterprise developers, facilitating IoT application development across various industries.
* Solution Accelerators for IoT solution providers across verticals encompassing energy management, asset management, facility management, IIoT, and more.
* Plug-and-play point solutions for resellers/Distributors such as Air quality monitoring, Temperature/Humidy monitoring, Water quality & management, facility monitoring, Gas detection, and more.

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