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Factory Automation, Process Automation, Control Rooms, Electric Automation, Warehouse Automation, Industry 4.0, Industrial Automation

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Watlow Electric Manufacturing Company designs and manufactures industrial heaters, sensors, controllers, system assemblies, and software — all of the components of a thermal system. Designing and manufacturing the complete thermal system allows Watlow to recommend, develop, and deliver the optimum thermal solution for our customer’s equipment and process heat requirements.

Watlow’s extensive product line includes over 10 different electric heater products including band, cable, cartridge, cast-in, circulation, ceramic fiber, flexible, multicell, radiant, strip, thick film, and tubular. The company’s temperature sensing capabilities include thermocouples, RTDs, and thermistors as well as wire and cable products. Watlow’s temperature and power controller platforms can be customized for almost any thermal application.

Eurotherm, a Watlow brand is a leading global supplier of machine automation products, applications, systems, and services for customers in specialist industries. We solve our customers' problems with pioneering products, bespoke systems, industry, and regulatory expertise across a broad spectrum of vertical markets. Eurotherm has more than 50 years of experience, supported by engineering services designed to enable customers to achieve process excellence across plant-wide assets.

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