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Vora Industries

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P-38 A/B

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Factory Automation, Process Automation, Turnkey Solutions, Warehouse Automation, Hydraulic and Pneumatic Automation, Industry 4.0, Machine Vision, Robotics, Industrial Automation

Company Profile:

Vora Industries is a well-known manufacturer of drive technology, and our goods include low-backlash gearboxes, racks, and gears manufactured at our factory in Navi Mumbai, India. Keeping with the latest advancements in drive technology ensures that we are prepared for any issues that may arise. For servo gearheads, linear actuators, and racks, we provide unique solutions in addition to our inventory. Having close working relationship with our clients is the foundation of our efficiency and success. In both domestic and foreign markets, our experts are respected for their sensible and competent advice. For OEMs who want just-in-time delivery of these racks, gears, sprockets, Bevel gears the typical delivery period is 2 to 3 weeks. Racks and Pinions are available in stainless steel as well as black oxide and chromium (Armoloy) coatings for use in harsh environments. Please refer to our catalog for more information.

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