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Svaya Robotics

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Factory Automation, AI (Artificial Intelligence), IIoT (Internet of Things), Industry 4.0, Machine Vision, Robotics, Industrial Automation

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Svaya Robotics is at the forefront of industrial automation, revolutionizing the manufacturing landscape with its innovative collaborative robots (Cobots). These user-friendly Cobots are designed to work alongside humans, enhancing productivity and quality while freeing people for more creative tasks. Svaya’s intuitive no-code interface allows for easy deployment and task changeovers, making automation accessible to anyone, regardless of experience. With a commitment to empowering businesses through flexible, reliable, and precise technology, Svaya Robotics proudly designs and manufactures world-class robots in India, defining the future of work and supporting the growth of innovative industries
We build human-centered robots to unbound humans to achieve more!

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