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W - 32 & 33

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Process Automation

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Smooth Flowmeters, is a Company based in India and having its registered office at B-203, MAA GODAVARI CHS, THANKAR PADA, AGRA ROAD, KALYAN (W), THANE – 421 301.

Since 2013, Smooth Flowmeters has been producing high performance flow metering equipment for process control instrumentation. Over the years, various types of flow meters have been added to meet the exact needs of the industry. Current range of products include:

1. Inline Turbine Flowmeter. (STM Series)
2. Inline Turbine Flowmeter. (HP Series)
3. Inline Turbine Flowmeter. (TCF Series)
4. Electromagnetic Flowmeter (SEMF Series)
5. Unloading Systems for Petroleum Products
6. Loading Systems for Distillery / Petroleum Products
7. Online Ethanol Blending Systems

A comprehensive range of electronic signal conditioning and read out units including Flow Computers, Batchers and output instruments are available

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