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R B Automation

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Process Automation, Electric Automation

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Introducing RB Automation, your gateway to customized automation solutions that revolutionize the way you operate and monitor your manufacturing processes. With our unwavering focus on customization, we bring you the end-to-end automation, starting from Sensing to Monitoring, making it future ready with IoT support. Our user-friendly control panels and SCADA monitoring systems, make operations and monitoring a breeze, allowing you to effortlessly navigate the world of automation.

At RB Automation, our commitment to customization sets us apart. We understand that every industry and its respective manufacturing process are different and hence needs “requirement-based solutions” to win the bottle-necks. So is the reason, that we work closely with our clients to design and develop automation solutions that address your unique pain points like Sensing, Measuring, Monitoring and Cloud Competing.

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