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Lehonn Technology Pvt. Ltd.

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G20 21

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Factory Automation, Process Automation, IIoT (Internet of Things), Warehouse Automation, Industry 4.0, Industrial Automation

Company Profile:

Since 2013, we've been the premier manufacturer of cutting-edge solutions, crafting the finest quality products ahead of the curve. Introducing our innovative lineup:

STEP LIGHT 55MM: Illuminating pathways with precision and efficiency 55 MM LIGHTS.
STEP LIGHT 70MM: Enhanced visibility for safety and aesthetics 70 MM LIGHTS.
ROTO 70 MM: Revolutionizing Rotational Indication Lights for seamless operations.
ETHERNET SWITCH: Connecting networks seamlessly for optimal performance.
WIRELESS ECO SERIES: Economical wireless solutions for sustainable connectivity.
WIRELESS BRIDGE: Bridging the gap for seamless communication Just PLUG N PLAY.
WIRELESS TEMPERATURE MONITORING: Real-time monitoring for precise temperature control.
VIBRATION SENSOR: Wireless Detecting vibrations with unparalleled accuracy.
WIRELESS PULL CORD ADDRESSING: Streamlining operations with wireless convenience.
WIRELESS ANGLE SENSOR: Wireless Precise angle detection for enhanced functionality.
PLUG to CLOUD: Simplifying connectivity of PLC to cloud.
ANADIGI CARD: 30KM range Analog and Digital Bi-Directional Communication.
PANEL SERIES: State-of-the-art control panels Accessory Lights.
MACHINE LIGHTS: Illuminating Machine workspaces for optimal visibility.
Wireless EMI: Wireless Energy Monitoring directly through cloud.
With our commitment to excellence and innovation, we're setting the standard for the industry, ensuring our customers stay ahead of the curve.

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