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JHC Technology Development Co., Ltd.

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Factory Automation, Process Automation, AI (Artificial Intelligence), IIoT (Internet of Things), Control Rooms, Warehouse Automation, Hydraulic and Pneumatic Automation, Industry 4.0, Machine Vision, Industrial Automation

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Established in 2002, JHCTECH is a leading intelligent IoT system supplier with extensive R&D, production, sales, and service capabilities. With over two decades in the industry and a robust scientific research background, JHCTECH is dedicated to "Scenario Empowering Product Innovation." The company focuses on AI edge computing and system application platforms, advancing the era of "IoT computer connecting the dots."

JHCTECH offers a diverse range of products and services, including AI edge computing, edge controllers, fanless in-vehicle computers, industrial panel PCs, embedded box computers, domestically produced fanless box computers, industrial control computers, single-board computers, and customized solutions focused on industrial applications and AI value-added services, empowering digital transformation across all industries. These products have passed safety regulations and industry certifications such as 3C, CE, FCC, E-Mark, and EN50155, and are widely used in various fields such as intelligent transportation, digital factories, smart logistics, smart healthcare, energy, and environmental protection.

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