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InTouch System Pvt Ltd

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Factory Automation, IIoT (Internet of Things), Industry 4.0

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IcSoft: Revolutionizing Digital Manufacturing with Smart Solutions

At IcSoft, we’re at the forefront of software innovation, creating intelligent networks that integrate real-time decision-making with manufacturing processes. Our advanced solutions forge connections between machines, workspaces, and systems, propelling the digital manufacturing revolution forward. Renowned for our reliability, we’re the trusted partner of global enterprises, including Schneider Electric and Godrej & Boyce. Our state-of-the-art MES software system elevates plant operations, delivering:

• Immediate Results: Leap into digitalization with our efficient solutions that yield impactful results, bypassing the need for complex automation and large-scale investments.
• Customized Flexibility: Experience software that adapts to your business, offering customizable features that evolve with your operational needs.
• Productivity Enhancement: Our system is engineered with Lean principles and the Theory of Constraints in mind, unlocking new levels of productivity and efficiency.
• Seamless Integration: Achieve holistic connectivity with our platform’s ability to effortlessly merge with your existing automation and third-party applications.
• MES-ERP Convergence: Ensure a fluid supply chain with our production planning software, expertly designed to synchronize your manufacturing floor with business systems.

Serving Diverse Industries: Our expertise spans across various sectors, including Automotive, Consumer Products, Metals, Industrial Manufacturing, High Technology, and Aerospace.

Discover how IcSoft can transform your manufacturing operations. Visit us at our exhibition booth to learn more!

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