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L-12, 13

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Factory Automation, Process Automation, Control Rooms, Electric Automation, Warehouse Automation, Hydraulic and Pneumatic Automation, Machine Vision, Valves and Valve Automation, Robotics, Industrial Automation

Company Profile:

Welcome to Indomax, a proud member of the esteemed NKB Technovations group. With over two decades of unparalleled expertise, we have emerged as a premier provider of cutting-edge marking and coding technologies in India.
At Indomax, we have forged strategic partnerships with renowned global brands, enabling us to offer Indian customers the finest solutions across a spectrum of coding technologies, including Continuous Inkjet (CIJ), Thermal Inkjet (TIJ), Thermal Transfer Overprinting (TTO), Laser, Drop-on-Demand (DOD),and more.
Whether it's imprinting expiration dates on food packaging using standard or security inks, or imprinting on OFC Cables at exceptionally high speeds, Indomax stands as the trusted ally for businesses in need of dependable marking and coding solutions.
Our journey is marked by a deep-rooted commitment to customer satisfaction, evidenced by our extensive experience serving diverse segments and geographies across India. Partner with us to streamline your product identification processes and unlock unparalleled levels of efficiency and reliability.

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