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Hyperreality Technologies Pvt Ltd

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Industry 4.0, Industrial Automation

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Hyperreality Technologies, founded in 2018, provides virtual and augmented reality solutions & simulations for Real Estate, Decor Companies and Industrial & Manufacturing domains. We are a global passionate team, with over 25 years of experience in Graphics & Media technology product development, driven by the goal of making Virtual & Augmented Reality technologies impact everyday life and are based in Bengaluru, India.
For our Training Product: Current industry approach is to make custom built modules that are expensive rather than the platform approach where the same set of parts can be combined together to create as many training modules by the trainers themselves giving cost and wider adoption. Our product follows a platform approach that has been built specifically for trading and manufacturing scenarios, wherein using the constituent "smart" parts , trainers can create simulations by themselves without the need for skilled 3D , animation of programming expertise. We believe this will help increase adoption of VR training modules due to ease and lower cost compared to the current industry approach.

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