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Deceler Vibrotek Controls Pvt. Ltd

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Factory Automation, Hydraulic and Pneumatic Automation, Industry 4.0

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DECELER is a new gen engineering organization focusing on three verticals of the business COBOT AUTOMATION - SAFETY AUTOMATION - FACTORY AUTOMATION. DECELER started as a small business in 2013, and has always been driven by technology, core values and ethics. Our brand grows by addition of new technology products with an expansion of geography in a periodical manner, understanding the necessity of customer demands in advance through our long vision on the business. Starts our journey as industrial products distribution, today DECELER crosses the milestone of a decade presence in the Automation business and grows as an integrator in all 3 domains by adopting updated trends and technology in the business of Industry 4.0 and the journey continues. DECELER spreads his presence across India and deals with different technological products and offering solutions.

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