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Field Instrumentation, Turnkey Solutions, IIoT (Internet of Things)

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Precision and innovation in flow measurement solutions are important to us at BR Instrumentation & Controls. As a well-known provider and manufacturer of Electromagnetic Flow Meters situated in Pune, Maharashtra, we are experts in providing cutting-edge technology that provides precise and dependable flow measurements across a variety of sectors.

We have mastered the technique of ultrasonic flow measuring through years of experience. Every project benefits from the depth of knowledge that our team of talented engineers and technicians brings. As a result, we can create ultrasonic flowmeters that go above and beyond industry norms.

Tailored Solutions for Your Flow Measurement Needs:

We are aware that the flow measurement needs vary per industry. Because of this, we provide a selection of ultrasonic flowmeter solutions that may be customised to meet your unique requirements. No matter the kind of fluid—liquid, gas, clean, or dirty—our flowmeters offer unmatched precision and dependability.

Cutting-edge technology and Quality Assurance:

We strive to be at the forefront of technical development because we are committed to innovation. We include the most recent ultrasound technology in our flowmeters to guarantee peak effectiveness. A thorough testing and quality assurance process is applied to every product. This ensures you get a product that satisfies the highest requirements.

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