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Factory Automation, Hydraulic and Pneumatic Automation, Machine Vision, Valves and Valve Automation, Robotics, Industrial Automation

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BIBUS India is a premier provider of tailored solutions in pneumatics, mechatronics, and environmental technology, dedicated to meeting the unique needs of our customers. As part of the globally renowned BIBUS Group, which proudly possesses over 75 years of expertise, we leverage an extensive portfolio of high-quality components and systems from leading manufacturers. Our innovative products, such as the EZ Wheel, which integrates motors and batteries for efficient industrial mobility, advanced linear guides for precise motion control systems, industrial aluminium profiles from ITEM Germany, German Aviation Association-certified industrial gas springs from Bansbach Germany, and best-in-class electric motors from WEG Brazil, exemplify our commitment to excellence. Our team of product specialists offers personalized assistance and engineering expertise, ensuring optimal design, assembly, and customization of components to meet specific requirements. With a strong emphasis on quality, reliability, and customer satisfaction, BIBUS India continues to drive success and innovation in diverse industries, supporting intelligent manufacturing and enhancing operational efficiency across the board.

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