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N-34 , N-35

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Exhibitor Profile :

Factory Automation, Machine Vision

Company Profile:

We are Chennai based Company established in the year 2002. We provide cutting edge automation solutions to complex packaging requirements.
We have been building automation systems for nearly two decades. In 2016, we revolutionized the match industries by introducing the computer-vision based matchstick counting and filling system, thus creating a name for ourselves. Now it is considered the superior and premium type of matchstick filling because of its unparalleled counting accuracy and uncompromised build quality. We have an experienced in-house team of machine designers, fabricators, panel builders, programmers and support engineers. Thus we offer an end-to-end solution of design, fabrication, commissioning and support.
Combining our expertise in machine building, vision system design and programming we can engineer cutting-edge automation solutions for complex packaging requirements.

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