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Factory Automation, Process Automation, Turnkey Solutions, Electric Automation, Industry 4.0

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Anora is a leading test and testability product and services company serving semiconductors, electronic systems, and electronics manufacturing services (EMS) market. Our current client base include 30+ large publicly traded corporations. Our test and testability products and solutions cover all below areas:
• Functional and system testers (ATE)
• Application specific custom instruments
• Product and PCB handlers and automation products
• Device-under-test contacting solutions and test fixtures
R&D, innovation and quality are the focus of everything we do. For example: Our innovative patented functional test head brought a paradigm shift to PCB, system, and functional testing at OEM’s. Prior to functional test head, an entire line had to be completely re-configured to test a new product. With our functional test head, product change over requires only changing a low-cost change kit and line re-fitting can happen in hours and not weeks or months.
Our strength is in integration of R&D, manufacturing, and logistics all in-house. We have vertically integrated all below capabilities:
• Electronic system design and embedded software development
• Mechanical design, manufacture, and assembly.
• PCB design, manufacture, and assembly.
• Full ATE, custom instrument, test fixture, custom cable assembly.
• Application software development and integration to complete the product.
Our logistics and support structure are extensive. We deploy our products worldwide and support them through their life cycle.
With these extensive capabilities we are confident that we can add significant value to your test and testability needs.

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