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Ancra Systems B.V.

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Factory Automation, Process Automation, Turnkey Solutions, Warehouse Automation, Industrial Automation

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Ancra Systems is a premium ATLS solutions provider and a track record partner that offers the most comprehensive package for standard and customizable ATLS solutions (Automatic Truck/Container One-shot Loading & Unloading Solutions). With over three and a half decades of experience supporting its innovative chain, slat conveyor, LoadRunner, Skateloader, LoadRunner Plus loading and unloading solutions, and Container Loading Plate, and Truck Loading and Unloading AGV solutions.

Ancra Systems is known internationally for its devotion to quality and ingenuity, and as a result, it has become a leader within the industry. Over the last decade, Ancra Systems has successfully installed over a thousand ATLS systems in a variety of industries.

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