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Workplace Safety for industrial workplace

Workplace Safety for industrial workplace

Product Description:

Workplace Safety is the topmost concern for any industrial workplace. However, it is not easy to measure safety performance daily. The Workplace Safety module of T-Pulse eliminates this constraint by processing feed from visual data sources to identify and report non-compliances.
The AI is served through a cloud-based platform and can detect more than 150 risk events associated with a wide array of hazards that exist in industry. The categorizations are based on global industrial safety standards such as IOGP 577 and OSHA to provide a unique outlook to the safety compliance picture of an organization.
The other modules of T-Pulse that unlock similar possibilities for other functional verticals:
o Workplace Inspection – Generates a quick automated asset audit report through visual and temperature-based monitoring of multiple assets.
o Workplace Security – Automates analysis of visual data to support security patrols and provides alerts for hard to reach or critical assets.
o Workplace Operation – Improves the productivity of trading and supply assets through variety of sophisticated algorithms.
All modules of T-Pulse are highly sophisticated and globally tested which makes it comprehensive and reliable for adding the desired value in any industry. In addition to our technical performance, what our customers love most is the simple nature of our offerings that makes it incredibly easy to use.

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