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VEGAPULS 6X- One Sensor for All Applications

VEGAPULS 6X- One Sensor for All Applications

Product Description:

VEGAPULS 6X- new radar level sensor combines VEGA’s 30 years of experience in the radar technology amalgamated with the experience gained from more than 1 million radar level sensors in use. With this new sensor, VEGA now offers “one sensor for all applications”. The new radar level chip, installed in these new sensors, delivers precise measuring results irrespective of process conditions. Other enhanced features of VEGAPULS 6X includes a comprehensive safety concept. It conforms with all the requirements of Safety Integrity Level. Another important aspect is that of the cybersecurity as it conforms IEC 62443, which the strictest requirements for security of system access and communication control. It is the only sensor that adheres to this IEC standards. Another important aspect of its extensive safety features is its self-diagnosis system. It continuously monitors the function of the sensor and recognises if it has been impaired in any way, thus contributing significantly to higher plant availability and sensor performance. This way VEGAPULS 6X is a futuristic technology offering maximum simplicity and highest precision and reliability.

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VEGAPULS 6X- One Sensor for All Applications

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