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UWT NivoCapa® NC8000

UWT NivoCapa® NC8000

Product Description:

The extremely reliable and easy-to-use sensor is suitable for level monitoring in a wide range of applications. NC8000 is a 2-wire instrument combining a sophisticated, yet easy-to-adjust, microprocessor transmitter with field proven probe with Active-Shield technology against material build-up that ensures high functional safety. PFA isolation in probe for high chemical resistance and suitable for liquids, pastes, foam and slurry.
NC 8000 is a cost-effective instrument for level measurement in applications such as the processing of food and beverages, pharmaceuticals, detergents and pet food. It performs in liquids, bulk solids and slurries, including viscous (conductive or nonconductive) materials, even in challenging environments involving vapour and dust. • Mining and cement • Power • Food and beverage • Water • Chemical • Oil and gas

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