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UWT Capanivo® CN7000 / 8000

UWT Capanivo® CN7000 / 8000

Product Description:

CN7000 is a versatile Capacitance Level Switch for level detection with IO-Link signal output for all kinds of liquids, pastes, foam and slurry as well as for interface measurement. Very compact for flexible use in a variety of applications.
Flexible use, hygiene version, compact design with threads from ½" “Tip Sensitivity” and Active Shield“ against material build-up ensures high functional safety, potted electronics Chemical resistance, optional PVDF probe, SensGuard protective sleeve, suitable for SIP/CIP Available with different housing sizes.
CN 8000 is a versatile capacitance switch, ideal for level detection of interfaces, liquids, slurries, and foam, and for simple pump control. CN 8000 is available in two models, the standard model, and the digital model with integral local display. Communication via PROFIBUS PA (profile version 3.0, Class B) and intrinsically Safe (IS) transmitter design for hazardous areas.
The Capanivo series CN 7000 / 8000 detects the capacitance around its probe. Due to the active shield technology, it has an increased insensitivity to material buildup on the probe. It works in all types of vessels, pipes and silos within a wide range of applications in Food, brewery, dairy, beverage, pharmaceuticals, Chemical and petrochemical and Water and wastewater.

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