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Ultrasound Camera UltraCam LD 500/510

Ultrasound Camera UltraCam LD 500/510

Product Description:

Shows exactly where compressed air leaks are on the screen and makes finding compressed air leaks much easier – even in harsh environments!
Special features of the UltraCam LD 500/510:
• shows you where the leak is on the screen
• Find leaks during production without interruption of plant operation
• very intuitive and no training required!
• let us you hear where the compressed air leak is also on the headphones
• 5 LED’s and ambient light sensor for intelligent lighting in dark environments
• Leak estimation function (l/min or cfm) and (Cost per Year)
• Running time of 7 hours of the LD 500/ LD 510
• Lightest acoustic camera on the market with 600 gr

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