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Product Description:

• A state-of-the-art automated cognitive quality control solution, that is designed specifically for the inspection of flat, lightweight parts.
• Tigris’ custom-made architecture consists of a twin linear conveyor system, packed with cameras, lights, and PC. The conveyor model enables the flipping of parts, allowing both surfaces, top and bottom of a product to be analysed.
• The unit uses multiple cameras to capture high definition images of the product on the belt and maps them to an exhaustive list of defects that we create with the help of your SME. This is done with the help of – Kompass – our patented AI based visual inspection platform.
• Tigris is a scalable , modular architecture that is easy to adopt; for it fits in seamlessly into your production sequence – in process or end of line.
• Combining the power of artificial intelligence with automation, Tigris can detect upto 120 products in a minute – with an accuracy rate of atleast 98%
• In other words Tigris is your SME’s intelligence, reproduced at scale, at speed so that you can achieve the highest defect accuracy rate ever.

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