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Precision planetary gear reducer

Precision planetary gear reducer

Product Description:

Precision planetary gear reducer is new-generation of product developed by our company, with a compromise of advance technology both at home and abroad, its main features are as follows:
Low noise: Under 65db
Low Backlash: Backlash is under 3 arcmin. Backlash for 2-stage speed reduction is within 5
arcmin. High Efficiency: Efficiency for 1-stage model exceeds 95%, for 2-stage speed reduction is within 5 arcmin
High Input Speed: Input speed allows for up to 8000 RPM
High Torque: Higher torque output than that of conventional planetary gear reducer.
High Stability: Employs high tensile strength alloy steel. Gear hardening is made for the entire gear instead of only surface hardening, which extends gear service life and maintain high accuracy as new after a long period of operation.
High Speed Reduction Ratio: The gear reducer is a modular design. The planetary gearbox
can be connected. Speed reduction ratio is over 1/1000.

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