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Nine-Fold Enclosure

Nine-Fold Enclosure

Product Description:

Nine-Fold Enclosure

Enclosure Frame: Nine- fold profile Sheet Steel
Gland Plate: 3mm
Mounting Plate: 3mm
Rear Panel: 1.6mm
Door: 2mm
Surface Texture:
Enclosure Frame: RAL7035/RAL 7032/Custom design
Mounting Plate: RAL2000 orange/Galvanized Sheet/Custom design
Gland Plate: Galvanized Sheet/Powder Coated Galvanized Sheet/Aluminium Sheet


 Protection – upto IP54
 Stacking
 Strength
 Flexibility

 Our Supply includes Enclosure frame with door, removable rear panel and roof plate
with eyebolts fitted, mounting plate and 3point lock.
 Rear panel –Bolted Cover/Removable/Door
 Mounting Plate – Without/ One Mounting Plate/ Two Mounting Plates
 Additional accessories

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Nine-Fold Enclosure

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