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Metravi AVM-03 Multifunction Anemometer

Metravi AVM-03 Multifunction Anemometer

Product Description:

Metravi AVM-03 Multifunction Anemometer with Datalogger and WiFi / USB Interface
The Metravi AVM-03 is a smart, multifunction device, used to measure Wind Speed, Air Volume, Temperature, Humidity and more.
Three different measurement values can be viewed on a single screen, simultaneously, allowing for quick access and reading of measurements.
It features a replaceable airfoil fan with seven blades, whose rotational speed varies directly with the wind speed.
This Anemometer can generate Trend Graphs and calculate Maximum, Minimum, and Average values.
The meter has 8000 sets of built-in Data Storage and you can monitor the measurement data via WiFi using the free Smartphone App. Exporting the data to a PC for further analysis is also possible.

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