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Level Transmitters

Level Transmitters

Product Description:

KELLER Submersible probes for level and fill measurement, with a special design and cable and housing materials that have been chosen for compatibility with their surroundings can be used in a wide range of liquids.
The level sensors are budget-friendly, but still offer high accuracy and excellent long-term stability. They are available in versions for absolute or relative pressure. With a start-up time of less than 5 ms, they are ideally suited to data logger applications.
The high-precision level sensors series measure with ultra-high accuracy and resolution. Temperature dependence and nonlinearity are precisely compensated for in the microprocessor by means of a mathematical model. They can be supplied with either an RS485 or SDI-12 interface. In addition to the pressure sensor for the level measurement, it is also possible to integrate a Pt1000 that is calibrated to ±0,1 °C from 0...50 °C. Extended lightning protection comes as standard with the SDI-12 interface and is available as an option for the RS485 interface.
The high-precision multi-parameter probes of the 36XiW-CTD series measure conductivity and temperature as well as pressure, along with the depth of bodies of water.
The 36KyX series is specially developed for brackish water and sewage applications. It is equipped with a non-fouling Kynar separating diaphragm, which combines the anti-adhesion properties of PTFE with outstanding hardness and abrasion resistance. This level sensors design can be readily installed in harsh environments, eliminating the need for bulky, costly protective equipment.
KELLER Level Transmitters are also available with Intrinsically safe version, suitable for use in explosive atmospheres.

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