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IoT Data Looger - GSM Modem

IoT Data Looger - GSM Modem

Product Description:

Samyak has come up with range of product suitable for IoT applications.
-- SMIT 1937i is a Microcontroller based product with GSM interface for connecting field instruments with cloud.
-- Collects real time data from field instruments and pushes data to cloud server.
-- Data stored at cloud server can be viewed from remote places.
-- SMIT 1937i saves data in local non-volatile flash memory in case of network issue
-- Sends data to the server when network connection is restored to avoid data loss.
-- Supports MQTT Protocol


Serial Port #1: RS-232 to configure device
Serial Port #2: RS-485 MODBUS RTU
Ethernet TCP/IP Interface optional
Analog Input: Eight analog Input (4-20 mA / 0-10 VDC)
Wi-Fi Interface optional
Analog Input: 4-20 mA (4 Channels)
Digital Inputs: Four
Digital output: Four transistor

Application Areas

Flow Monitoring System
Temperature monitoring System
Level Monitoring System
STP / WTP / ETP monitoring system
COD / BOD / PH Monitoring System
Weather station monitoring System
Plant monitoring System Online
Air pollution monitoring System

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