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Graphic Overlay

Graphic Overlay

Product Description:

Graphic Overlays are screen printed or digital printed slim thin films, as upper most layer on the front face of the product which makes a first powerful impression of your product.
It is an interface that connects the user to the machine or device. This can be use in three ways
Graphic Overlays are used as front facia of the product with the Brand Name, Logo, self-explanatory functioning of the product.

Graphic Overlay also used to indicate the functionality. Graphic Overlays are the top most layer of the Membrane Switch as an interface for user along with Brand Name, Logo.

Graphic Overlay can be used for the Capacitive Touch Switch as a user interface.

A neatly designed Graphic Overlay not only fulfills the aesthetic requirement, it also increases the user friendliness & provide ease, comfort & satisfaction, make the user understand, explain the operations & how to use the product.

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