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Globe Control Valves

Globe Control Valves

Product Description:

Types: Globe 2 Way Control Valves, PFA Lined Bellow Sealed Globe Valve, Total PTFE Metal Housed Globe Valve, Bellow Sealed Globe Valve, Cryogenic Globe Control & Manual Valve, Manual Bellow Sealed Globe Valve, Bellow Sealed Globe Valve (ECD), Globe 3 Way Control Valve
Size: ½” (15 mm) to 20” (500 mm)
Rating: ANSI 150# to 2500# & equivalent
Standards: ASME B16.34 & ANSI/FCI-70-2

This type of Valve with its classic globe body shape, which reflects its name, uses the variable area generated between the plug and seat to control fluid flow. It is very versatile offering reduced trim options as well as a variety of special trims for severe high pressure drop applications.

This style of valve is easily adapted for use on low as well as high temperature duties. This valve is preferred for tight shut – off, positioning accuracy, high rangeability and simplified maintenance, satisfy most control valve applications throughout the process and power industries in control of Air, Steam, Water, Gas, Chemicals etc.

• Offers One control for liquids, oils, gases, and steam
• Boiler feed water, Low pressure, and High-pressure steam
• High pressure, high temperature & high pressure drop applications
• Suitable for Fluids like Oxygen, Chlorine, Thermic Fluid and Sea water
• Used in Energy, Nuclear, Fertilizer, Chemical and Petrochemical Sector

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