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FORM 3-4

FORM 3-4

Product Description:

Form 3-4
Enclosure Frame: Sheet Steel 1.5mm
Gland Plate: Sheet Steel 1.5mm
Mounting Plate: Sheet Steel 3mm
Rear Panel: Sheet Steel 1.5mm
Door: Sheet Steel 2mm
Surface Texture:
Enclosure frame: Dipcoat-primed
Door, roof, and rear panel: Dip coated-primed, powder-coated on the outside, textured
Mounting plate and gland plates: Galvanized Sheet
Colour: RAL7035/RAL7032/Customized


Our Supply includes Enclosure frame Door(s), right hand door hinge with single-door
enclosures, may be swapped to opposite side. Roof plate with eyebolts fitted and
rear panel Gland plates and Mounting plate
PS punched rails 18 x 38 mm
Lock: 3mm double-bit
4 support strips fitted in the enclosure depth.
Protection category: IP42, IP54

Application: MCC, PCC, VFD, APFC etc..

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FORM 3-4

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