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Digital Manometers

Digital Manometers

Product Description:

KELLER manufactures wide range of Digital Manometers with a precision upto 0.01%FS which makes them ideally suited for calibration and test applications. The minimum or maximum value since the last reset can be displayed at the same time as the current pressure value in a wide variety of units of pressure. They can detect pressure peaks with a measurement interval of Upto 5 kHz and record all measurements. Current measured values and saved data can be read out via the USB connection. The pressure values can be shown on the extra-large display in a wide range of units of pressure, which are either pre-programmed or configured by the user.
Eco-2, Leo-1, Leo-2, Leo-3, Leo-5, LEX-1, Leo-Record are few of the very popular KELLER Brand Digital Manometers.
The Gauges are also available with Intrinsically safe version that are suitable for use in explosive atmospheres.

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Yashtec Instrumentation & Engg. Source (Channel Partner for KELLER Druckmesstechnik AG, Switzerland)

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Digital Manometers

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