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CompactTL Telecentric Lenses

CompactTL Telecentric Lenses

Product Description:

• 2/3", C-Mount Telecentric Lens
• Up to 2.3 MegaPixels, 4.5μm Pixel Size Sensors
• Small Telecentric Lens with Coaxial Illumination Options
TECHSPEC® CompactTL Telecentric Lenses are designed for applications with tight space constraints due to their ultra-compact design. These lenses feature a 2/3” sensor format and a variety of different working distance and magnification options. From single unit to high volume implementation, these lenses provide a great price to performance ratio. TECHSPEC® CompactTL Telecentric Lenses are perfect for integration into gauging systems due to their excellent telecentricity and low distortion. The fixed iris and lockable focus make these lenses ideal for implementation into factory floors and assembly lines, as they will remain fixed over time.
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