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Butterfly Valve

Butterfly Valve

Product Description:

Type: Butterfly Valve- Teflon Seated & EPDM Sleeved, PFA Lined Butterfly Valve
Size: 2” (50 mm) to 36” (900 mm)
Rating: ANSI 150# & equivalent
Butterfly Valve design is the most common type of rotary valve and provides low weight to Cv Ratio Combined with simplicity of design and comparatively low cost. It is simple device to control or block the flow, a single vane or wafer disc pivots in the valve body and find wide application for throttling or two position control in the chemical, paper & pulp, sugar industries, cooling water circulation, water treatment plants, compressed air, gas plant, flue gas desulphurization plants etc. The mechanical Stopper provided ensures precise valve closing. The disc has a spherical profile and comes out of contact with seat in the initial opening. The Valve has excellent Throttling characteristics with good low flow control capacity which offers an inherently higher rangeability.

Sleeved Design butterfly valve provides preloaded content between flatted sleeve hub surface and rounded polished disc hub area for positive sealing at all disc position. Easily replaceable rubber sleeve provides Bidirectional tight shut off. Dovetail sleeve retention eliminates the need of bonding Sleeve with body, enables easy replacement and isolates the body and stem from flaw. Cavity free, straight through body passage offers minimum flow resistance.

• Low pressure steam, liquid, and gaseous service
• Installations where large volumes approaching full line
• capacity handled with low pressure drop
• Slurry applications
• Most organics
• Used for shut-off, throttling and control of corrosive
• hazardous pure Liquids, Gases and Vapors

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