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Collect Data via Wireless Communication with the Mobile App / PC App / Data collector or Base station

The data loggers have multiple types of data downloading options as described below. By connecting the device with App the policy. Download data from single devices and report can be generated singularly. PC based software which allows to download, Data from devices one by one and in this bulk report is possible. Sun report is ideal solution for Validation Mapping type of applications. Option D below is also available if number of devices are more. A Sun-Port Data Collector helps for bulk programming as well as bulk data download. This collected data can be uploaded in Sun-Desk at one go to save time. The Sun-Net is network software which creates a local wifi network or ethernet network where all devices are connected via variety of base stations, Inbuilt Temperature + Humidity sensor. Replicable battery, Range (-40to +70 degree and 0 to 100% Rh) Memory 32,000

Wireless Data logger - SUNLOG-TH-B

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