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Transmille 4000 series have two model that

4010 – (8 PPM) Advance Multiproduct Calibrator.

4015- (15 PPM) Advance Multiproduct Calibrator.


• Extended AC Voltage and Current Frequency range

• Variable resistance to 1 GOhm

• Variable capacitance to 100mF

• USB & GPIB (IEEE-488) Interfaces as standard

• Remote command emulation mode

• 7” Full Colour Touch Screen

• Embedded Calibration System

Brief Description of 4000 series:

 The 4000 Series is aimed at laboratories, manufacturers and design facilities requiring a wide range of outputs with accuracies up to 8ppm/15PPM.

 The 4000 Series offering an updated user interface accessed through a large 7” capacitive touch screen to enable advanced functionality, including a built-in procedure mode and inbuilt connection prompts to minimise errors.

 Procedures can be loaded into the 4000 Series via USB memory stick, with results stored for integration back into ProCal software.

 The 4000 Series also provides USB printer connectivity as standard, supporting a wide range of PCL compatible printers.

 The 4000 Series is protected by Transmille’sI-GUARD protection circuitry protecting thecalibrator against accidental damage throughwrong connections up to ± 1000V RMS.

 All Transmille calibrators have been protectedby I-GUARD since 2006.

 Fitted with low thermal beryllium copperterminals, the 4000 Series enables connectionwith 4mm banana jacks, spades and barewire without the need for additional adapters.

 Using modern precisioncomponents Transmille offersuperior accuracy and value.Compared to competitivemodels the 4000 Series offershigher performance andwider ranges for lower cost.

 Using the touchscreen, dynamic connection prompts can be displayed forany output, showing a full colour connection diagram. For ease of use, theconnection diagrams can easily be customised by users.

Transmille 4000 Series Advance Calibrator Calibration

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