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The traditional legacy SCADA systems are not equipped to send alerts to mobile users nor would be able to play localized multi-language warning messages for the local operator. The SYS Alert Module comes into picture for this purpose The SYS Alert Module plugs into the system through Modbus TCP/IP or Modbus RTU RS485 standard communication with the SCADA or PLC or any other system. It is equipped to be configured as a Master or Slave System. In case of Master, it will monitor the values and trigger the SMS/Voice/Call and in case of Slave device, it will trigger the SMS/Voice/Call whenever it receives the command. SYS Alert is fully configurable for different range of alarms from Voice/SMS/Call for different tag values.


• Power Plants

• Process Plants

• Building Automation

• Fire Safety Panel


• Remote alerts to engineers and managers.

• Easy and simple to integrate.

• Escalation of alerts to different people.

• Helps engineer to timely intervene the plant problems.

• Low power and cost effective device.

• Multi – language localized voice message helps to understand the alarm quickly.


• Sends pre-configured live SMS alerts to registered mobile users.

• Calls registered mobile numbers and plays pre-recorded voice message.

• Localized Multilanguage voice alerts.

• Alerts to many mobile numbers.

• Timely indication of alarms irrespective of user locations.

• Configuration through local web server

• Network recovery through USB port


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