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Brief Description :

Motor 360’s Precision Harmonic Reducer Advantages :

1.Model 25-120, Speed = 500-3000r/min, when ratio is 50-120, efficiency is 75-90%, when ratio is 160, efficiency is 70-85%

2.Under rated load and speed, the noise is less than 50dB

3.Under Normal operation of speed & load, life span of flexible bearing is 8000h, the life span of harmonic reducer is 10000h.

4.In-house specially developed flexible bearings, cross bearings, flex spline, circular spline.

5.Simple Structure with three coaxial basic components.

Available Models :

MRSF – 1, MRSF -2, MRSG -1, MRSG -2, MSHG-1, MSHG-2,MSHG-3, MSHG-4


Applications : Robots, Machine Tools, Printing Equipment, Aerospace Area, Semiconductor processing equipment, detection & analysis equipment

Precision Harmonic Reducer

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