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1. Temperature: Temperature is one of the most important measurements in a number of industrial areas. JUMO, your partner for precision temperature measurement, offers a wide range of products in this segment – from room temperature measurements in building technology to high-temperature measurements in furnace construction. Quality and reliability are maintained at the highest level through continuous further development. We always focus on the customer in everything we do. Customer satisfaction and long-term collaboration are the driving forces that keep us achieving outstanding performance time and time again

Portfolio: „

  • DAkkS calibration service „

  • Panel-mounted and surface-mounted thermostats „

  • Plastic temperature probes „

  • Temperature probes for wireless data transmission „

  • Thermocouples „

  • Platinum-chip temperature sensors „

  • RTD temperature probes „

  • Dial thermometers

2. Humidity: For several decades, JUMO has been offering a very comprehensive and cutting-edge range of devices for measuring relative humidity and the measurements associated with air humidity. The devices are designed for most applications in air-conditioning and ventilation technology as well as for sophisticated industrial applications

Portfolio: „

  • Intrinsically safe industrial measuring probes (ATEX) „

  • Hygrometric humidity measuring probes „

  • Hygrostats „

  • Capacitive humidity measuring probes „

  • Measuring probes for wireless data transmission

PL90 Temperature, Humidity

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