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1.Temperature:Temperature is one of the most important measurands in a number of industrial areas. JUMO, your partner for precision temperature measurement, offers a wide range of products in this segment – from room temperature measurements in building technology to high-temperature measurements in furnace construction. Quality and reliability are maintained at the highest level through continuous further development. We always focus on the customer in everything we do. Customer satisfaction and long-term collaboration are the driving forces thatkeep us achieving outstanding performance time and time again.

Portfolio: „

  • DAkkS calibration service „

  • Panel-mounted and surface-mounted thermostats „

  • Plastic temperature probes „

  • Temperature probes for wireless data transmission „

  • Thermocouples „

  • Platinum-chip temperature sensors „

  • RTD temperature probes „

  • Dial thermometers

2. Recording: Are you familiar with the JUMO LOGO SCREEN type series? The devices in this paperless recorder family are ideally equipped to acquire, archive, and evaluate measured values that must be verified in a simple and tamper-proof manner. The devices can be used without restriction in almost all industries due to their flexibility and various approvals

Portfolio: „

  • Paperless recorders „

  • Paperless recorders with AMS2750and CQI-9 approval „

  • Paperless recorders with approval „

  • Measuring, control, and automation systems with extensive recording functions and intuitive software for measured value visualization and evaluation

3. Automation: To ensure smooth process and production operations you need reliable systems.From thyristor power controllers and temperature transmitters to digital indicators, to our JUMO mTRON T and JUMO variTRON automation systems. JUMO meets all your automation and visualization demands

Portfolio: „

  • Indicating devices „

  • Electronic transformers „

  • Transmitters „

  • Measurement, control, and automation systems „

  • Transmitters for wireless data transmission „

  • SCADA and cloud solutions „

  • Software and accessories „

  • System technology „

  • Thyristor power controllers and solid-state relays

4.Monitoring:To protect people, the environment, the plant, and the product, monitoring temperature limit values is especially important in numerous technical areas of plants and even required by legal regulations in many cases. JUMO enables you to operate your plant safely using either electronic or electromechanical products


  • Surface-mounted thermostats „

  • Bimetal temperature switches „

  • Electronic thermostats „

  • Panel-mounted thermostats „

  • Safety temperature limiters and monitors according to DIN 14597 „

  • Dial thermometers

PL70 Control, recording, automation, monitoring

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