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1. Pressure: Pressure measurement is one of the most important tasks in almost all industrial sectors. High-quality pressure measuring devices ensure reliable and safe measuring results regardless of whether you are dealing with high-precision solutions for the process industry, hygienic solutions for the food and pharmaceutical sectors, or universal solutions for mechanical and plant engineering. JUMO also has the right solution for your specific application. We supply special solutions based on customer requirements for the OEM market.

Portfolio: „

  • Differential pressure transmitters „

  • Pressure transmitters for wireless data transmission „

  • Pressure measuring cells (analog and digital) „

  • Diaphragm seals and accessories „

  • Pressure switches „

  • Process pressure transmitters

2. Level: Our decades of experience with pressure measurement technology form the basis for our developments in the field of hydrostatic level measurement. We offer solutions for pressurized and unpressurized containers as well as for wells and water bodies. You can acquire the level with level probes or pressure transmitters depending on the application.

Portfolio: „

  • Differential pressure transmitters (hydrostatic) „

  • Pressure measuring devices (hydrostatic) „

  • Level probes (hydrostatic) „

  • Floats (mechanical) „

  • Float switches and level transmitters

3. Flow: JUMO offers you products with various features for flow measurement. In addition to differential pressure transmitters and paddlewheel sensors, the JUMO product range also includes electromagnetic and ultrasonic flowmeters. The result is that we have the right solution for all your applications, regardless of whether you're measuring the flow of gas, liquids, or slurry.

Portfolio: „

  • Differential pressure transmitters „

  • Flowmeters for steam, gases, and liquids „

  • Paddlewheel flowmeters „

  • Electromagnetic flowmeters „

  • Flow sensors „

  • Ultrasonic flowmeters

PL40 Pressure, level, flow

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