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Brief Description: Motor 360’s medium Gear motors are parallel shaft induction geared motors, that provide high torque and reduce output speed, and can be divided into the single-phase gear motors, three-phase gear motors. Output ranges are from 100W(1/8hp) to 3700W(5hp), and the standard gear ration from 1:3 to 1:1800.

Please contact Motor 360’s sales department if you need assistance selecting the appropriate AC Induction Motor for your application.

Available in different types :

1.MH : Horizontally Installated Gear Motor

2.MV : Vertical Installed Gear Motor

3.MHM : Horizontally Installed Straight Gear Motor

4.MVM : Vertically Installed Straight Gear Motor

5.MHD : Horizontally Installed Dual Axel Gear Motor

6.MVD : Vertically Installed Dual Axel Gear Motor

Application : Packaging Machines, Conveyor System, Labelling Machines, Medical Equipment Etc.

Medium Gear Motors

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