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Intig is a versatile device designed to cater to various industries for enabling the plants to online monitoring and control. It collects data from various field devices through standard protocols and custom protocols on the RS485/Ethernet bus. It also collects data from various digital and analog inputs from field sensors connected to it on the respective ports of the device. This data collected is assimilated and posted to the web server in key-value pairs, which is parsed by the server software and presented on the web portal for analytics purpose. The device can also cater to different industries such as solar, windmill, data centers, etc.


• Solar plant monitoring

• Cold Storage plant monitoring

• Data center monitoring

• Smart city applications.

• Energy monitoring applications

• Internet-based control operations


• Integration of the field data to the server room.

• Secure data transmission to a remote server.

• Connects multiple types of data inputs.

• No data loss due to managed network connectivity.

• Multiple protocols for data transfer.

• Local data storage for recovery.


• Automatic collection of crucial data from plant devices.

• Variety of IO combinations for different sensor interfaces.

• Inbuilt multiple types of data inputs.

• Data recovery after network outage recovery.

• Local web server-based configuration.


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