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The Guardian Detect Elite 824 Remote Monitoring device is the first device to offer traditional Voice Call, SMS, SNMP, Email and internal web page for alarms, status. log functionality. It also others optional SCADA, DCS, PLC, Cloud IoT, MQTT connectivity. Thus making it ready for both local and remote notifications in the era of IoT and Industry 4.0 The added ability to talk to Modbus devices and convert this into Alarms, SNMP and MQTT while using up to date secure encryption is vital. Multiple communication options via 4G, Ethernet and WiFi supply functions via redundant paths.While the dual Sim allows for a backup cellular connection in case of network failure. Ensuring reliable, and consistent connectivity with mission-critical _eld devices and assets. The inclusion of the Logic engine allows for control of outputs and alarm functions. With a wide range of optional interfaces, including Ethernet, RS485, WiFi, 20 universal inputs and 4 relay outputs. All your remote monitoring needs are covered.


• Alarms delivery Via Voice Call, SMS, MQTT and Email for the inbuilt I/O and attached devices using the local Cellular Modem or Ethernet connection.

• Industrial metal enclosure with DIN or wall mount for easy integration into electrical cabinet or wall mounting

• Modbus TCP/RTU, RS485, 8 Digital and 2 Analog/Temperature inputs and 4 relay outputs

• Dual SIM card support

• Open VPN Client & Server

• Modbus RTU, TCP, SNMP, MQTT, IP, UDP, SMTP, MQTT Client, HTTP, HTTPs, Modbus TCP / RTU to read/write values to connected device locally or remotely

• Internal Web Server for configuration

• Power supply supporting 12 to 30Vdc.

• Inbuilt backup battery charger.

• Web page, SMS and Voice call to view Status, Logs or control inputs/outputs,

• Alarms, Logs information can transmit via Lan, Wi-Fi or Cellular.

• Alarm acknowledgment via touch screen, local webpage, SMS or Voice call.

• Call list and rosters based on each input for SMS, Email and Voice calls.

• Logic controller for relays and alarms.

• SMS and Voice commands for checking the status.

• Periodic watchdog status sent via SMS and Email.


• Water/Waste Water municipal applications

• Oil & Gas and Mining

• Industrial automation

• Communicating remote sites to SCADA/Cloud/ DCS and more in water and oil and gas systems

• Alternative energy systems, such as Solar and Wind Turbines Monitoring

• Cool Store/Refrigeration

• Medical Research

Guardian Elite Monitoring Device

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