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Hikrobot logistic vision solutions, composed ofsmart barcode reader, 3D camera, special designedlightsource and self-developed code readingsoftware, have been deployed in every logisticsprocess, such as inbound, distribution, sorting, outbound, etc. They give a perfect answer to the problem that modern logistics industry is facing.With high efficiency, high accuracy and traceability,Hikrobot logistic vision solutions satisfy the need ofautomation and informatization. That’s what we cando to help you bring your business to next level.

Dynamic DWS: Hikrobot dynamic DWS system addressesthe difficulties in gathering accurate parcelinformation in express industry. Composed of self-developed high-resolution smart code reader,line laser 3D camera and dynamic weighingmodule, the system can gather and integratein real-time the three basic information of eachparcel: Volume (Dimension), Barcode (Scan) and Weight. The dynamicDWS system can be seamlessly integrated intoexisting sorting equipment in distribution centers,automating the process of data collection andparcel sorting. With 3600 parcel /hr at 5mm volume & 20g Weight accuracy, system supports different most of the code types like Code128, Code39, QR / QM.

Statics DWS is equipped with 3D Binocular cameras along with Code Reader and Weighing scales, provides 2400P/hr, with 10mm Volume and 10g weight accuracy. This system can be utilized for 2/4/8 ways soring of parcels with customization.

DWS System: Logistics Solution

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