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Kumbhojkar™ Plastic Moulders designed, developed & manufactured Cable Carrier Assembly in Pune from 1986 for Indian Market. Cable Carrier ( Festoon Systems) were manufactured by us for the first time in India has won the Prestigious Award of MCCIA-Pune, Plasticon Award-Delhi, Plast-Arabia Award-Dubai. Some of these designs are Registered with Patent Office of Government of India.

· The product is assembly of 2 major components viz. 1) Trailing Unit that moves of tracks like wire rope, T section, Enclosed track etc 2) Hanger Unit that clamps the Electric Cable.

· Now known to all the advantage of using this product are :-

· Avoids leakage of Electric Current due to Non Conductive material.

· Free movement

· Easy forward and backward movement

· Uniformly spaced carrier points forming equal loop of cable

· Wide range

Cable Carrier Assembly/ Festoon Systems

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